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one small step for band, one giant leap for mankind!

With rising fuel prices and tough economic times at our forefront,
it is time for the touring business to make a move!

Over the past several years, the music business has seen numerous declines in revenue from record, merchandise, and ticket sales resulting in a gigantic hit to the tour life. As this industry suffers under such an overwhelming economic landslide, the ability for bands to make that next big step into a tour bus (or maintain “tour bus status”) is becoming nearly impossible.

Here at Rock-It Ships, we have bridged the gap between van and bus, creating a Frankenstein-like mixture of the two into a luxurious, efficient, state-of-the-art vehicle. With fuel efficiency through the roof and still supporting the amenities of a tour bus, the Rock-It Ships are sure to meet any group’s financial and comfort needs while on tour.

Working hand in hand with the music business for quite some time now, our team sees the everyday growing need for a more efficient and greener transportation, which is why we put our heads together to construct the industry’s single-most fuel efficient, “bang-for-your-buck”, and lowest carbon footprint in musician transportation – the Rock-It Ship.